St. Juan Diego Church

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Parish News

New Seating for Mass

In an effort to increase the number of people who may be seated in the church to attend Mass, seating will be available in every ‘other’ pew. Look for a pew that has no pictures. The pews that are designated for seating will be available from end to end. Families should sit an arm’s length away from another family, couple, or single, in the same pew. Every other pew will be marked as not available for seating to avoid having someone sitting directly in front or behind another person. Increased seating will be available in Hurtado Hall at St. Mary’s and in the chapel and classrooms at St. Juan Diego. Masks are still required in the church building.  

Outdoor seating may be available and mask are optional outdoors.

The Sunday collection will be taken in the pews, with our ushers passing the collection baskets. Disinfecting of the pews following Mass will continue and the offering baskets will also be disinfected.

We pray this change will offer more seating in the church for those who wish to attend Mass in person, with safety still a priority. The 4:00pm Mass at St. Juan Diego, and the 9:30am Mass from St. Mary’s will continue to be live streamed and communion will be available after Masses for those who prefer to attend virtually. 

Holy Water is Available!

For safety reasons, Holy Water is not available in the church vestibule. However, we have Holy Water available in the Parish Office at St. Mary’s and the Church Office at St. Juan Diego. 

Mass Intentions for 2021 are now available!

Mass intentions are available at St. Juan Diego Church Office.


Daily Masses

Monday – Friday at 11:30am in English

Weekend Masses

Saturday at 4:00pm in English

Sunday at 8:00am, 9:45am, and 4:30pm in English

Sunday at 11:30am in Spanish


Saturday, 8:30am-9:30am

Office Hours

Monday—Friday, 9:30am – 1:00pm