Stained Glass Windows at St. Juan Diego Church

1. St. Rita of Cascia

Feast Day: May 22

Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of Dcn. Ollie Babbitts Family

2. St. Damien of Molokai

Feast Day: May 10

Patron Saint of People Suffering from Leprosy

Donor’s Designation: Aloha Ke Akua, The Borges & Becker Families

3. St. Cecilia

Feast Day: November 22

Patron Saint of Musicians

Donor’s Designation: Original Musicians of St. Juan Diego Church

4. St. Joan of Arc

Feast Day: May 30

Patron Saint of Military Members and France

Donor’s Designation: Dcn. Bruce and Cherise Bennett & Family

5. St. Matthew the Apostle

Feast Day: September 21

Patron Saint of Bankers

Donor’s Designation: Frederick & Marilyn Fleury

6. St. Faustina

Feast Day: October 5

Patron Saint of Mercy

Donor’s Designation: In Loving Memory of Midge Karczewski

7. St. Augustine of Hippo

Feast Day: August 28 Patron Saint of Printers, Theologians, Brewers, Sore Eyes, a Number of Cities and Dioceses

Donor’s Designation: The Family Veatch

8. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Feast Day: January 4

Patron Saint of In-Law Problems, Against Death of Children, Widows, Death of Parents, Opposition of Church Authorities

Donor’s Designation: The Seybert Family

9. St. Lawrence

Feast Day: August 10

Patron Saint of Cooks & the Poor

Donor’s Designation: The Davaz Family

10. Venerable Matt Talbot

Became an alcoholic in his early teens. At the age of 28, he went to confession and never touched alcohol again (41 more years). Lived a life of prayer, daily Mass, hard work and penance.

Donor’s Designation: The Helsell & Wesche Families

11. St. Maria Goretti

Feast Day: July 6

Patron Saint of Youth, Young Women, Purity, Victims of Rape

Donor’s Designation: In Loving Memory of Ceni Figueroa Wilson

12. St. Therese the Little Flower

Feast Day: October 1

Patron Saint of the Missions

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of Patricia Ann Jefferson

13. St. Raphael the Archangel

Feast Day: September 29

Patron Saint of Travelers, the Blind, Bodily Ills

Donor’s Designation: The Hidea Family

14. St. Patrick

Feast Day: March 17

Patron Saint of Engineers, Ireland, Nigeria

Donor’s Designation: In Loving Memory of Scott & Bryan Halloran

15. The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Feast Day: On the Friday following the Feast of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and explained to her the way in which He wanted people to practice devotion to His Sacred Heart:  acts of reparation, frequent Communion, keeping Holy Hour, Communion of 1st Friday of the Month

Donor’s Designation: Family of Reynaldo & Virgina Careaga

16. Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady’s hands are always open with an abundance of graces given to her by the Father to distribute to whom she wills, as she wills

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of John & Grace Powers

17. The Holy Innocents

Feast Day: December 28

Patron Saints of Babies

Donor’s Designation: The Anderson Family

18. Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Feast Day: July 16

Patron Saint of The Carmelite Order

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of Frances, Louis & Pasquale DiScala

19. St. Anthony of Padua

Feast Day: June 13

Patron Saint of Lost Things

Donor’s Designation: In Loving Memory of Coach Jim Wall

20. St. Christopher

Feast Day: July 25

Patron Saint of Bachelors, Transportation, Traveling, Storms, Epilepsy, Gardeners, Holy Death, Toothache

Donor’s Designation: The Zamboni Family

21. St. Benedict

Feast Day: July 11

Patron Saint of Students, Europe

Donor’s Designation: The Salvador Ongaro Family

22. St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Feast Day: June 21

Patron Saint of Roman Catholic Youth

Donor’s Designation: The Bautista Hackett Family

23. St. José Sanchez del Rio

Feast Day: February 10

Patron Saint of Persecuted Christians, Children, Adolescents, Sahuayo

Donor’s Designation: Comunidad Hispana

24. St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Feast Day: September 23

Patron Saint of Civil Defense Volunteers, Adolescents, Pietrelcina, Stress Relief, January Blues

Donor’s Designation: Don & Marilyn Felix

25. St. John Paul II

Feast Day: October 22

Co-Patron Saint of World Youth Day

Donor’s Designation: The Donald Fraser Family

26. St. Teresa of Calcutta

Feast Day: September 5

Co-Patron Saint of World Youth Day

Donor’s Designation: The Norman Peters Family

27. St. Catherine of Siena

Feast Day: April 29

Patron Saint of Fire Prevention, Illness, Nurses, United States, Italy , Miscarriages, Nurses, Sexual Temptation, People Ridiculed for Their Faith

Donor’s Designation: The David & Gina Arambula Family

28. St. Lorenzo & St. Pedro

Feast Days: September 28 – St. Lorenzo Ruiz; April 2 – St. Pedro Calungsod

Patron Saints of Filipino Youth, the Philippines, Altar Servers

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of Rev. L. A. Sigman

29. Our Lady of Peñafrancia

Feast Day: Third Saturday of September

Patron Saint of Bicolandia in the Philippines

Donor’s Designation: The Filipino Clergy of the Diocese of Phoenix and Devotees of Peñafrancia

30. St. Gabriel the Archangel

Feast Day: September 29

Patron Saint of Messengers, Telecommunications Workers, Postal Workers

Donor’s Designation: The Cordova Family

Chapel Windows

The Divine Mercy

Feast Day: The Sunday After Easter

A Devotion to Jesus Initiated by St. Faustina Kowalska

Donor’s Designation: In Memory of Msgr. Antonio Rebanal

Our Lady of Fatima

Feast Day: May 13

Our Lady appeared to three young shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, in Fatima, Portugal, in May, 1917.

Donor’s Designation: Leighton & Edwina Ewell Family; Nicholas & Linda Martrain Family

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Feast Day: December 12

Patron Saint of the Diocese of Phoenix, the Americas, Mexico. Cebu

Our Lady appeared to an indigenous man, Juan Diego, on Tepeyac Hill in Villa de Guadalupe, a suburb of Mexico City

Donor’s Designation: In Honor of our Parents & Children ~Patrick & Joanne Stolze

Our Lady of Lourdes

Feast Day: February 11

Patron Saint of Bodily Ills

Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858 in Lourdes, France.

Donor’s Designation: The Richard Roush Family

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Feast Day: June 27

Patron Saint of the Redemptorist Order, Haiti; Almoradi, Spain; Cabanatuan, Phllippines; Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds

Donor’s Designation: The Giacobbi Family