Welcome to St. Mary’s Parish

Our Catholic Community with over 6,600 families was established in 1937 to serve the “town” of Chandler and surrounding regions and is dedicated to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For over 75 years this has been a family-centered parish where Catholic Christians come to pray, to worship God, to celebrate the Sacraments, to seek religious instruction and to grow in faith, knowledge and love of God and His Church.

St. Mary-Basha Catholic Elementary School, founded in 1944, has educated thousands of children to give faithful witness to our religion and enabled them to make valuable contributions to society. St Juan Diego, the second church in our parish, located in southeast Chandler, was dedicated on September 23, 2017.

I invite you to take part in one of the service organizations, groups or activities that enliven our parish life. Masses are offered at convenient times and are celebrated in English and Spanish to meet the needs of all members of our parish family.

Fr. Daniel McBride, V.F. – Pastor

Mission Statement

A Catholic parish is established as an extension of the local Church (diocese) with the Most Reverend Bishop as its chief shepherd.  Under the leadership of the pastor designated by the bishop, St. Mary’s Parish strives to: make the Catholic faith known through education and catechesis; to celebrate Mass and Sacraments in accord with the laws and rites of the Catholic Church so as to foster the full, active and conscious participation of the faithful; to promote works of charity within the parish toward the poor and needy; to provide adequate means for the faithful to participate in the Sacramental life of the Church and to have access to Catholic education.

Parish Finance Council
Joe Wallace, Melissa Fraser, Larry Becker, Marilyn Felix, Vima D’Sa

Parish Advisory Council
Dee Marsh, Sue Paul, Elida Marcela Testai, David Arambula, Mike Rimbey, Dan Martinez, Dan Farkas, Gary Davis, and Meghan McCarthy