Through Age 6

Dear Parents,

Congratulations on the upcoming Baptism of your child.

The St. Mary’s / St. Juan Diego Community of Faith welcomes you and your family to this special time of preparation for the Sacrament of Baptism. The Sacrament of Baptism is the sacrament of belonging and initiation into the Catholic way of life.

We wish to join you in the responsibility of forming your child in the faith. We offer you the means to deepen your appreciation of the sacrament of Baptism through study, reflection and sharing. Today’s understanding of Baptism emphasizes an enlivened faith, a meaningful celebration of the ceremony, and a nourished sense of the ongoing mission as Catholic Christians. The challenges of such involvement on your part highlight the beauty of this time in your own personal family as well as our parish family.

Baptism Registration

Registration for Baptism will be done by leaving a voice message at 480.963.3207 X 108. Melinda will call you to register your child for baptism.

Baptism classes are on Formed at  If you have not accessed Formed, you will need to sign up. On the Sign Up page select “I belong to a Parish or Organization” and then select St. Mary in Chandler, AZ. To find the video, search REBORN (for English) or RENACER (for Spanish). You only need to watch the first 3 videos. Questions about the video will be emailed to you when you register your child for baptism.

Spanish & English Baptisms are usually held the second Saturday at St. Juan Diego starting at 10:00am

Spanish Baptisms are usually held the first and third Saturday at St. Mary’s starting at 10:00am

English Baptisms are usually held the third Sunday at St. Mary’s starting at 2:00pm

BAPTISMS AT BOTH CHURCHES HAVE NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS DUE TO COVID-19. These will be shared with you when you register for Baptism.